Well-known Canadian tech investor paralyzed in Markham biking accident


When news broke last week that well-known Canadian tech investor John Ruffolo was severely injured in a bike accident, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, the country’s business community reacted immediately with a tsunami of support for the 54-year-old.

Since then, family and friends have rallied around the much-loved business and community leader, who has had a series of surgeries since he was hit by a transport truck while cycling in Markham and has posted on his Instagram account that he is “as committed, and as able as always, and will be back in full force as soon as humanly possible on the pending launch of my private equity fund and to continue my advocacy work for Canadian innovation.”

His courage in the face of such adversity is profound and inspiring, but the devastation of his accident has pitched those closest to him into what one person called “a nightmare with no end in sight.”

“I have been crying for the last few days,” Anna Ruffolo Paglietti, John’s mother, said when reached at her home recently. “Both my husband, Santo (Ruffolo), and myself can’t look at each other without tearing up. The accident was a shock. Every morning John would go out for his bike ride — he is a big cyclist — and that morning, it happened.