Careless Road Construction That Causes Auto Accidents


Road accidents are caused by a long list of things from alcohol-impaired driving to drug-impaired driving, aggressive driving and distracted driving. However, errors made by road construction workers can cause auto accidents which can inflict serious injuries on occupants.

In such instances, victims cansue the construction company and even the City for acting carelessly during the road construction. By filing personal injury claims, accident victims can get adequate compensation for their loss.

There are several ways in which motorist or even road construction workers can file a lawsuit against a municipality or construction company after sustaining an injury caused by poor road construction. A victim can prove that the construction company is responsible for guaranteeing the safety of both its employees and motorist during constructions by complying with all federal and state rules.

Also, breach of duty on the part of the construction company or municipality that results in injury and/or damage to properties can be used as a means to gain compensation—as failure to ensure the safety of a construction zone is viewed as negligence.

Here are some of theerrors that cause auto accidents and can lead to severe injuries during road constructions:

1.  Poorly written signage

According to Canadian law, proper signages should be used during road constructions to provide motorists with enough warning.

The kind of signs that ought to be utilized during road works has been made abundantly clear by the authorities, including the number of signs that need to be used and their different positions. But, on the off chance that the construction company fails to properly alert drivers by using the right signages, it can result in a mishap.

2. Failing to alert drivers of a sharp turn

For experienced drivers, you would understand how difficult it is to navigate a sharp turn suddenly. Therefore, there is a heightened risk of an accident occurring when a driver suddenly arrives at a sharp bend.

It is the responsibility of either the municipality or the construction company by law to ensure that motorists are informed of a sharp bend long before approaching it—as making sharp turns while on high speeds can be very risky.

During court proceedings, a personal injury lawyer can argue that his client wasn’t accurately alerted of a sharp turn. For example, a signage warning motorist to reduce their speed to a maximum of 40 miles per hour as they approach a sharp bend, but only at a speed of 30 miles per hour can a driver safely navigate the curve.

It is the responsibility of the construction company to put the appropriate signage with accurate information necessary for drivers to navigate the bend at a slower speed. However, having a strong understanding of Ontario’s road laws is important in winning such cases, so hiring the best lawyer is key.

3.  Irregular pavements

During road constructions, the municipality responsible or the organization can contribute to road accidents by leaving a hazardous condition in the road. For instance, a construction company can be held responsible for a road accident caused by anunmarked and disproportionate road condition.

Any pavement with at least two inches ridge that is wrongly marked or a slippery road where drivers ought to be alerted to lower their driving speed are some of the hazardous road conditions that can lead to personal injury lawsuits.

4. Bad road construction

The main aim of most road constructions is to ensure that the road is in perfect condition to be plied upon by motorist, however, accidents can still happen if the road work was done badly.

A driver can file a claim against the construction company or municipal in charge in the case where an accident occurs due to poor road construction. However, a large number of these claims are because of poor road maintenance instead of careless roadconstruction practices.

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