Trump Must Ban Big Tech Companies to Force End to Censorship


To force an end to censorship, Trump must seize the domains of big tech companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, says Mike Adams, who owns the alternative health website, Natural News.

Mike believes that tech giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Reddit and YouTube are engaged in criminal treason based on the fact that they selectively censor conservatives and Trump supporters, and that these tech companies must be held accountable for their actions. He insists that President Trump must seize these domains and force them offline until they agree to respect the fundamental civil liberties which guide every free society, namely, freedom of expression.

This is not all Adam’s idea, “I was speaking with former ambassador and U.S. presidential candidate Alan Keyes yesterday, and he made the crucial point that since government is an extension of the People, politically-motivated censorship of the Peoples’ ability to engage in speech is, in fact, a form of treason against America.” He writes on Natural News.

Adam believes achieving this aim would be quiet simple. First, he says Trump merely needs to proclaim that these tech giants have been engaging in criminal collusion to violate the civil rights of millions of Americans. There is a lot at stake here — the 2020 election and the very future of a free society — therefore urgent actions must be taken to stop the treason of censorship and force these civil rights violating tech companies into respecting the right to freedom of speech of others, without this, the elections’ would not be legitimate, free or fair, he says.

“The tech giants are right now engaged in criminal collusion to silence all pro-Trump voices as a means to steal the 2020 election. These are crimes of treason against America, and those crimes must not go unanswered. When such powerful, multinational corporations decide to overthrow nations and install their hand-picked leaders against the will of the people, those corporations must be not merely stopped from committing treason, but dismantled and prevented from ever operating again,” writes Adam.

It could be recalled that not too long ago, Adams popular website, Natural News was temporarily banned from various credible news and social media sites, this includes, Google News, Apple, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter, the platform was also removed from Facebook on June 9, 2019. Before the ban, Natural News had a lot more followers than other similar sites such as Infowars. After his ban from Facebook, Adams issued a scathing response, claiming that he is a victim of a "coordinated, heavily-funded smear campaign" by "techno-fascists."

Now Adam believes that these tech giants are colluding to commit treason against America and that it is time to either rip apart the tech giants or say goodbye to human freedom.

“Google and the other tech giants now believe that they alone get to choose who becomes president and that their un-elected, anti-American CEOs and in-house spooks get to appoint the leaders they want. The will of the people be damned. The First Amendment is being shredded by these criminal corporations that now pose the single greatest threat to the future of America and the free world,” writes Adam.