New Brunswick is Trying to Entice Would-Be Toronto Homebuyers, And it’s Working


When COVID-19 changed life, as we knew it, a reevaluation of living spaces resulted in a noticeable exodus from the Toronto core. Those who kissed the towering concrete goodbye — if even temporarily — included everyone from recent university grads returning home to live with parents, to young families and empty nesters alike.

For many, this involved an inevitable move to suburbia, with the pandemic acting as catalyst. Others moved beyond, opting for smaller cities or permanent relocations to cottage country.

Some, however, looked past provincial borders, turning their eyes east and all the way to New Brunswick.

Known as the “Picture Province” for its stunning coastline, New Brunswick is capturing the attention of Torontonians with its outdoor adventure offerings, friendly vibe, and close-knit communities, and — perhaps most notably — its cheap housing costs.

At a time when Toronto’s sky-high housing prices continue to break records for both price and number of transactions, becoming increasingly unattainable in the process, New Brunswick offers Canada’s most affordable real estate with a side of fresh seaside air and easy access to nature.

For those debating the move — or even the draw of the province in the first place — a new campaign called “Live for the Moment NB” highlights all of the perks that come with New Brunswick living. Created by the Province of New Brunswick in partnership with the economic development committees of some of its largest cities, the campaign targets Canadian urbanites from across the country.

“As a result of large, urban-based companies offering a permanent work-from-home option to their employees, these individuals are discovering that not being tied to an office means they can say good-bye to expensive, dense urban areas and do their jobs from anywhere,” says Susy Campos, CEO of 3+ Corporation and “Live for the Moment NB” campaign spokesperson.

“This work-from-anywhere culture has opened up the possibility of these employees considering a move to New Brunswick, where they can continue in their careers while enjoying greater affordability, an improved quality of life, and an improved work-life balance.” 

Designed to get the wheels turning, the campaign website clearly outlines how much money someone in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, or Vancouver would save by buying a home in New Brunswick, compared to in their current city. In figures that are a shock to the system for anyone watching Toronto’s dramatic real estate scene, the average cost of a home in New Brunswick costs just $135,213 in the province’s northwest region and $225,200 in the southeast (!).