Now More Than Ever Flawless Web Design in Toronto is a Necessity


The reality in Toronto now, as it is worldwide, is that an exceptional online presence is one of the most important aspects of success. Each day more and more individuals shop online and purchase online. Research shows repeatedly that most visitors spend an average of only 15 to 20 seconds on a website before moving on. With individuals using their mobile devices to search and find what they want, making a great first impression is the top priority.

Navigation, and the ability to keep visitors engaged and moving towards the purchase quickly is paramount. Great web design done by a reliable and efficient web designer in Toronto can assist any business in Toronto and the GTA with keeping visitors on a site and will indeed propel them towards the purchase. 2Marketing, in Vaughan, has established a reputation for its design that accomplishes the mission of keeping visitors engaged right from the time they find a site until the purchase is made. 2Marketing focuses on all the elements that create an engaging and most importantly useful user experience. 

From the initial look of any website 2Marketing focuses on the usability, 2Marketing captures a visitors’ attention immediately and keeps them motivated to spend enough time on a site to make a purchase. From custom design to themed design, depending on a customer’s needs and budget, this company with dozens of satisfied clients, can fulfill any type of request for web design in Toronto and the GTA.

A visit to their own website is impressive as all elements of what is involved in the process of great web design are spelled out right on the homepage. In addition, the work done by 2Marketing is expedient with some sites being fully developed in two weeks or so. There are several different pricing options, or course, and an initial consultation is necessary to ascertain the needs of any client and the budget requirements.

As one satisfied client stated, “2Marketing made my site stand out to the point where my “bounce rate” diminished significantly, and my purchase rate went up. So much thought was given to my needs and the quality of my website as well as research into my own clientele, that I now recommend them to all my other business associates.“

“Bounce rate” is crucial in any web design as this is the rate at which individuals are leaving a website. All the traffic in the world is meaningless if visitors are immediately fleeing a site. That is just the simple truth and 2Marketing focuses on reducing the “bounce rate” with their totally customized solutions that keep visitors on a website. 

No two businesses or websites are alike and 2Marketing understands this, and does work one on one with each client, setting up a project manager right from the get-go to ensure that all their clients needs are met in the design, and that each client is kept up to date on the progress of their website design.