Testimonies from those affected by the “vaccines” – Part 1


Compiled by the excellent blog “contra el encierro” and extracted from the telegram channel “afectados por las inoculaciones”.

People talk about the harms of vaccines. It is good to realize that these testimonies do not need any endorsement or any title or any author for us to feel their honesty and feel that this is speaking truthfully about what is happening, against the Power and the institutions and people who keep silent and lie in their service. To feel (as one feels) what these testimonies are worth and do when they are read, has to remind us that without speaking there is nothing to do. That there is no lie that can be sustained when we speak out of turn, and that is why the first concern of those at the top is that we do not speak: that we do not come together (because we speak).

That’s why, at the same time that we really speak out, we can’t think of anything more useful to read than these testimonies. I hope they run anyway! (For example, this same page can be copied and pasted into an email and sent to many people).

July 7th
Rous, [07.07.21 07:39].
I have a pharmacist cousin, young, she found out she was pregnant after getting vaccinated, apart from the fact that the vaccine made her feel terrible, with a high fever and some very intense headaches, she had a miscarriage about two weeks later. She has been quite upset, she lost a lot of blood.

Rous, [07.07.21 07:44 am].
Apart a friend of the friend, 84 years old got vaccinated of the two doses of modern, about a month and a half ago his right leg started inching from knee to foot, it’s a serious bacterial infection, his skin is falling off in pieces, literally, he’s been on antibiotics for a month and a half, and he’s been told it’s going for a long time. He is getting more and more consumed.

Emio, [07.07.21 07:45].
My aunt. After getting vaccinated. Woke up the next day with effusion all over her face. She was all week very bad with dizziness and vomiting…. And she died a week later. It must be said that he had cirrhosis and had had it under control for more than 20 years. He only had to take the vaccine and he lasted 1 week.

Emio, [07.07.21 07:48 am].
I have the vaccination point, next to my work.
And several clients have already come in saying that they don’t get the 2nd dose. Because of problems with the first one…

like blindness for several days,

skin inflammation and very, very high fever…

And dizziness and vomiting….

JArmy, [07.07.21 07:59].
My coworker one month very serious in the hospital. Acute myopericarditis.

Maria Blanco, [07.07.21 08:11]
I have my father-in-law with a thrombus in one leg on bed rest if that helps.

Elizabethdf, [07.07.21 08:14]
Partner of my best friend , got vaccinated with the Janssen , exactly on April 25 , last week in the ER for a thrombus in the leg detected by his traumatologist , with an ultrasound . In the emergency room they tell him that it is a contracture. He is still in pain and lame. I have told him to ask for a D-dimer test.

Hebe, [07.07.21 08:16]
REAL CASE, as it has been in my family. Man in his 70’s, completely healthy. After the two inoculations and in less than a month, he loses mobility of both legs and is told that he suffers from 2 simultaneous thrombi and that he must have both LEGS amputated. Finally, and thank God, NOT THEM, he was able to save one leg. To this day he is still hospitalized. Gentlemen, THIS IS VERY SERIOUS. LET’S BE MORE UNITED THAN EVER!!!! Strength and courage to all.

Marisol, [07.07.21 08:27 am].
My mother after the second dose of pfizer, after a few days she went for a walk and suddenly did not know where she was , and so for an hour , she also has problems suddenly in the skin , continuous tiredness and now she has appeared in her legs some very strange lumps , that we go on Friday to the doctor. He is 70 years old.

Marisol, [07.07.21 08:29].
My uncle’s sister 65 years old , very good health was vaccinated with modern and died two days later , a heart attack.

Maria Blanco, [07.07.21 08:37]
Yesterday in the company where I work. In the middle of the afternoon, a worker had to go home to quarantine because it turns out that his wife was ill, they did the PCR and it was positive. All this having been inoculated with the first dose a week ago. Surreal

Elizabethdf, [07.07.21 08:41].
My tribute teacher, 48 years old, vaccinated with Janssen this Sunday , has been for 3 days , his textual words as “absent”.

Maria Blanco, [07.07.21 08:42]
My husband a week ago in the middle of a tennis lesson a foreign student collapsed. 51 years old, myocardial infarction and inoculated to come to the island with the two guidelines, I do not know the brand. He is still in the ICU and is recovering little by little. No one blames it on the vaccine obviously.

Rocio, [07.07.21 08:49 am].
Yesterday a colleague of mine had to leave ,with very strong headaches and vomiting.She was vaccinated with the first dose the day before,I don’t know with which one,I didn’t ask her.But I was with her for a while and she was desperate and very bad .She is in her thirties.If I find out anything else I’ll let you know.

Sandra Line, [07.07.21 08:52].
40 year old female acquaintance gets AZ and spends 3 days with high fevers, swollen glands, menstrual problems and pain in the puncture site after three months. Second dose with Pfizer.

Tom Mun, [07.07.21 08:52].
Sister of a friend of mine. Second dose of Pfizer, starts to feel sick, high fever and a lot of lower back and abdominal pain. They go to the hospital and do tests for possible colic, they find nothing. She was sent home and the next day she had very heavy menstrual bleeding, the thing is that at the age of 50 she had little menstruation, less and less and this happened to her.
In the hospital in the next room, a woman of 50 or so was admitted for losing sensation in her legs, she woke up at night, fell down, fainted, and did all her needs on herself, she was being referred to neurology.

Tom Mun, [07.07.21 08:53]
[In reply to Tom Mun]
Sorry, this woman also after 2 doses. It was discussed by family members

Cristian Patrone, [07.07.21 09:13]
The father of a coworker 80 years old healthy without diseases vaccinated with sinovac 2 doses after 3 months in his bed with stroke dies in hospital his son does not associate it to the vaccine.
From Chile. The most sheepish country in the world and vaccinated.

Cristian Patrone, [07.07.21 09:17].
53 year old coworker. sinovac 2 doses.
2 months later mild heart problem I think it’s myocardial.
Quit smoking cigarette because she says it wasn’t the vaccine.
Now waiting for 3rd dose in September.
From Chile.

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