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Durham has high COVID-19 cases per capita, but low vaccine doses per capita


Is Durham Region receiving an equitable share of COVID-19 vaccines?

That’s the question many people, including Whitby MP Ryan Turnbull are asking.

As of Tuesday, Durham had the fourth highest per capita COVID-19 cases in Ontario at 209 per 100,000 people.

Also as of Tuesday, Durham ranked 29th for vaccine doses per capita in the province at 26.3 per 100 people.

That’s according to Bill Comeau, a COVID-19 data analyst.

The vaccines come from the federal government and the province decides how to allocate them.

There have been 187,621 doses administered in the region.

However, that number and the numbers in Comeau’s charts do not include the doses given at 80 pharmacies in the region.

For total doses given, Durham currently ranks sixth in the province.

The Durham Health Department has said it has the capacity to vaccinate up to 13,000 people per day.

Right now, they are only doing between 3,000 and 4,000 because of a lack of supply.

“The fact is that nearly 40 per cent of Durham residents aged 18 and over have received that first shot of a vaccine,” said Durham MPP Lindsey Park.

Park says hot spot areas in the region in Ajax and Pickering will be getting a larger share of vaccines.

“Twenty-five per cent of all future [vaccine] allocations we receive as a province… from the federal government will be directed to those specific postal codes,” said Park.

Right now, Oshawa has the second highest number of active cases in the region, but it is not an official hot spot.

Park says hot spots were selected using historical data.

“The provincial government used data and modelling from the second wave of the pandemic to determine the hot spot postal codes.”