Ottawa Book Fair welcomes new authors


Ottawa Book Expo 2020 is providing an exciting new opportunity for new authors to broaden their reach in the literary industry. New authors are welcome to apply for vendor status at the 2020 Ottawa Book Fair. The exciting expo will benefit new authors by giving them a chance to promote their works while learning from established authors and publishers.

The Fair is expecting applications from various new authors who are looking to utilize the prime commercial marketing skills employed by the Fair’s organizers. New authors will be given the chance to promote their books on a personal level and possibly scout self-publishing companies like Agora Publishing.

There are plenty of opportunities to grow when joining book fairs. The literary industry is built on support and without it, authors will have a hard time succeeding. The key is to build friendships and connections within the literary industry to help you widen your reach.

Often, some authors forget that having a solid team of like-minded folk behind you and supporting you will ultimately help your book succeed. Another benefit of surrounding yourself with like-minded folk is that you have the opportunity to learn new things about the literary industry.

The literary industry is highly dynamic. There is always a new development that could help improve your writing or give you a better chance of getting chosen by your dream publishing company.

If you are a newly published author—whether traditionally or self-published, you know that it is incredibly difficult to get your book to sell. Unless you’re J.K Rowling and feel like your book will take off near-immediately, you will need as much exposure as you can get.

Ottawa’s upcoming book fair will allow you to connect with potential readers on a personal level. A personal connection with prospective readers enables you to create a solid fan base.

Some authors often overlook the importance of having a loyal fan base to support their books. However, a solid fan base is not something you should overlook if you’re aiming to be a successful author. Besides, who will read your work and purchase it if you don’t have a solid following?

In this day and age, a culture of “cancelling” artists and icons has emerged on social media. It is incredibly difficult to be an author nowadays without your every move being watched by thousands upon thousands of bookworms.

Most of these bookworms will have differing views from you and one wrong comment could mean hundreds of bookworms calling to boycott your work. Having a solid fan base to support you through critical times will ultimately keep your writing career afloat.

Certain books are often left untouched due to tackling social issues. The Ottawa Book Fair gives authors the opportunity to showcase books that tackle the hard-hitting issues in society. If you’ve written a book about diversity like race, LGBTQ+ points, and cultural diversity, then you’re probably aware of how hard it is to convince people to read your work.

Generally speaking, books that avoid “taboo” topics have a greater chance of being picked up at a bookstore. However, times are rapidly changing. Movements that call for societal equality have made great improvements toward removing barriers in society.

It is now, more than ever a great time to be a new author of a book that promotes diversity. The Ottawa Book Fair is celebrating this diversity by front lining authors and publishers that focus on diversity above all else.

This is the biggest and most diverse literary event to ever be held in Ottawa and will open up opportunities for minorities in the area to explore their literary talents.

The Ottawa Book Expo will be celebrated for four whole days in June and July 2020 beginning at 10 AM and closing at 5 PM. Spend the ultimate unplugged day amongst a diverse range of books and get to know new and favourite authors from all across the world in the ultimate celebration of literary diversity.

Tickets are still available and vendor slots are still open. If you’re an author or publisher, the Ottawa Book Fair is the perfect commercial literary event of the year!

Book worms, don’t miss the chance to meet new authors and discover your next best read. The Ottawa Book Fair is running out of time and tickets fast.