Cherry blossoms at Kariya Park in Mississauga are about to bloom and you can see them


The beloved cherry blossoms in Toronto's High Park may still be weeks away from peak bloom, but the buds on the 65 Sakura trees in Kariya Park in Mississauga are just about ready to burst.

And just like Toronto, the City of Mississauga has set up a webcam to allow residents to admire the trees from the safety of their own homes starting today.

"We are thrilled to be offering this virtual experience again so that residents can enjoy our beautiful cherry blossoms no matter where they are," wrote Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie on Twitter Thursday. 

"This year marks 40 years since Kariya, Japan, became our twin city, and our cherry blossoms are a reminder of our enduring friendship."

The webcam will remain in operation until the petals begin to fall off the trees, which usually takes a couple of weeks.

But while residents who simply wish to observe the cherry trees are advised to do so online to prevent crowding, Kariya Park remains open to the public nonetheless.

The city says that could change if the province were to increase public safety measures and advise that in-person visits are not safe. But for now, people are permitted to visit the park as long as they practice physical distancing and wear a mask when distance can't be maintained.

"Based on the current public health measures, Kariya Park is open and accessible to the public," says the city. "If you choose to visit in person, you must follow current COVID-19 restrictions and public health measures."