More than 22,000 Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon households on waiting list for affordable housing


If you are looking for affordable housing in Mississauga, Brampton or Caledon, the region’s waiting list for accommodation may not be the route to take if you can’t wait at least five years to be housed.

According to Stewart Lazarus, communications specialist for the region, there are currently 22,445 households on the centralized waiting list, as of July 16.

The list is used for residents who need a housing subsidy; they submit an application, indicating their particular housing need, including unit type (family, senior or single), preferred location and accessibility needs.

In Brampton, the average wait time for a family (two or more household members) for a two-bedroom unit is anywhere between five-and-a-half and seven years and between 10 and 12 years for a three- to five-bedroom apartment.

For a single household in Brampton the wait time is between five to eight years and five to six years for seniors.

These numbers are slightly lower for residents in Mississauga but are still high.

For a family looking to secure a one- or two-bedroom home, the wait time is five to seven years and six to seven years for more than three bedrooms.

Single unit wait times are between five to six years and five and a half to seven years for seniors.

In Caledon, families are looking at a five to seven year wait for a one- to two-bedroom unit and a six to 10 and a half years for three to five bedrooms.