Oshawa's Ontario Tech sees big jump in funding to help solve 'pressing societal problems'


Ontario Tech University has recently seen a major increase in its research funding.

The Oshawa-based school received $23.5 million in research grants and contracts for 2020-21, up 40 per cent from the year before.

“It’s a remarkable research success story area residents can be immensely proud of and brag about," a statement from the university says. "Ontario Tech has emerged as a vital research hub and cluster of expertise anchoring the eastern flank of the Greater Toronto Area."

New federal research funding will support more than 30 projects that explore solutions to “pressing societal problems.”

For example, current Ontario Tech research projects look at issues such as: factors that influence vaping in high school students; environmental features of age-friendly cities; policies and infrastructure for e-bikes; how the criminal justice system processes hate crimes; pandemic parenting; and the safety of autonomous vehicles.

Much of Ontario Tech’s research funding comes from federal agencies such as the Social Science and Humanities Research Council, Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Canada Foundation for Innovation.