Syntronic Acquires Lloyd Douglas Solutions Further Enhancing Its Core Offering in North America


Syntronic, a leading global design house providing engineering solutions to technology companies around the globe, has acquired Lloyd Douglas Solutions (“LDS”) extending rapid prototyping and manufacturing capability to its core offering in the North America geography.

LDS has been providing turnkey manufacturing and rapid prototyping services to Tier 1 technology leaders for over 13 years and offers a unique industry value proposition with expertise in collaborative Design, Rapid Proto-typing, New Product Introduction, and Low to Medium Volume Manufacturing.

“We are extremely excited to bring LDS into the Syntronic family. LDS has been a leading provider of manufacturing services in North America. They bring exceptional capability and expertise and furthermore a culture that aligns impeccably with the Syntronic way of working”, says Björn Jansson, President & CEO Syntronic AB.  

With the addition, Syntronic takes its cutting-edge manufacturing service on offer in Europe with two existing facilities in Sweden and adds a third site in Ottawa, Canada. “Our goal has always been to provide full product lifecycle support to our business partners in the region, and this initiative enables us to cater to customer needs even more efficiently”, says Hans Molin, President Syntronic Canada. Today, Syntronic has three design sites in Canada located in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal along with Santa Clara in the United States. The expansion enables full turnkey product services in North America, complementing the leading design capability that Syntronic has in the region already.

For LDS, the acquisition instantly adds design capability, which is the right next step for its customers. The acquisition will also promote the growth of its manufacturing business. “Together, Syntronic and LDS will be able to bring even more value to all our customers. We will be able to help customers design products not only to meet performance but also to meet manufacturability and sustainability”, Says Jim Burke, CEO Lloyd Douglas Solutions.