A look inside Canada's second Matcha Cafe Maiko in Markham (PHOTOS)


The first Matcha Cafe Maiko in Canada opened up on the West Coast earlier this year, and this week, Ontario is welcoming that sweet, sweet matcha too.

The doors of the new eatery will open in Markham’s Pacific Mall on November 23.

Maiko is a Hawaiian chain with stores across the US, Macau, and now, two locations in Canada. In Hawaii, the brand came in second for the 111 Hawaii Awards, which recognizes brands and businesses in over 50 categories of Hawaiian foods, sights, and souvenirs.

All the ingredients at Maiko, aside from milk and eggs, are imported straight from Japan. And while their focus is matcha, there are also hojicha-based desserts and drinks available.

Hojicha, a roasted green tea with a distinctive taste, is a must-try.

The menu includes Maiko’s traditional soft serve ice cream, which comes in matcha, vanilla, and a matcha-vanilla twist flavours. You can top your frozen treat off with gold foil, or an add-ons such as shiratama mochi or azuki beans.

Another favourite is the Maiko Specials, also available in matcha, vanilla, and matcha-vanilla twist flavours. The special comes with shiratama mochi, chestnuts, matcha chiffon, corn flakes, azuki beans, and more.

The Maiko Specials have all kinds of textures — ranging from the chewiness of the mochi to the crunch of the corn flakes.