Toronto Realty Boutique Turns 10! – Toronto Realty Boutique


2020. The year the world changed from what we knew it to what it is now – and it continues to change on a daily basis – for the good and not so good. But 2020, for me, is a marquee year for another reason. Toronto Realty Boutique turns 10.

Little did I know that when I left my career in Finance as a Corporate Controller of a major ad firm here in the city, would I ten years later, be celebrating my career in an industry I love.

The Toronto Realty Boutique Way

Toronto Realty Boutique has always been, well, Boutique. It was the perfect word to demonstrate how I treat my clients. My business is not about churning leads all day long or assigning clients to admin staff.

It’s that special feeling you get when you walk into a high-end Boutique where the team helping you somehow know exactly what you want. And if you don’t, they can help you figure that out too. Even if you’re just looking, they answer your questions and give you what you need, even if you’re not buying at that moment.

That feeling doesn’t come around very often when you’re shopping does it? Be it for a car, a new handbag or a house or condo. But when it does, you feel pretty good about taking that major jump because you trust the person you’re working with.