Toronto family turn popular TikTok candy into a business opportunity


A mother-daughter trio is behind the newest Toronto-based candy business that sells hard-to-find candy made popular on TikTok.

Treatz Plz, is run by co-owner Tammy Vinokur and her two daughters 10-year-old Zoey and 8-year-old Lexi.

The two girls decided to start a candy business where they would sell boxes filled with all the best sweets and have them shipped out to candy-loving customers.

Treatz Plz started to get attention once Zoey came up with the idea to create a TikTok candy box which offers all of the hard-to-find candies that have gained popularity on the social media platform.

“As far as we know, we were first to market with the Original TikTok Box. We have sold almost 1000 boxes since we launched them a few months ago,” Tammy told Daily Hive.

“We are continuously reinventing ourselves and coming out with new products all the time.”

Since launching the TikTok box, they have also introduced a Candy and Fidget TikTok box, Newly Released Candy box, and a Bunk Junk Camp box.

The box is priced at $45 plus shipping. Customers across Canada and the United States are able to place an order and have it shipped right to their homes.

Pick up is also available for those in the GTA. Their full lineup of products can be found online from small loot bags to massive towers of candy goodness.