Why Are GTA Homebuyers Moving To Niagara?


Several renters and homeowners in the GTA have been driven out of the city in recent years. Homeowners are looking from affordable and relaxed lifestyle options elsewhere. In addition to the rising home prices in GTA, the prices have drastically gone up in Hamilton as well. Now buyers are looking to purchase homes in the Niagara region.

New homeowners are gravitating towards Niagara since it is a flourishing region in the making. The Niagara Region offers ample green spaces, and a wide range of amenities, together with affordable real estate.

“With the ability to work from home and the expanding public transit from Niagara to Toronto, moving away from the GTA has been a popular choice for homeowners looking to stretch their dollar,” says Chris Knighton, Team Leader at Knighton Real Estate Advisors.

The region’s dynamic health care, manufacturing, professional services, hospitality and tourism sectors attract young professionals and families seeking an urban lifestyle. 

“We are witnessing a trend within young adults and families who recently moved to Niagara, as it offers the space, amenities and schools that growing families struggle to find in urban areas,” Knighton adds.