Toronto’s newest home-based cookie company offers next day delivery


Bite Me Cookie is a new online baked goods venture created by Toronto baker and entrepreneur Cindy Wahler, who is on a mission to get her gourmet cookies delivered to as many homes as possible.

Wahler has had a love for good food all her life, believing that food is a social catalyst and that baked goods connect you to feeding your soul. As a self-taught baker, Wahler developed countless recipes while trying to nail the perfect batch of cookies.

For a while, she was getting in her own head, doubting the quality of her products. She wasn’t able to distinguish whether or not her friends and family were giving her honest feedback when it came to tasting her cookies, so she decided to hold off on starting her business.

“It was a form of self-sabotage almost. I wasn’t sure how I’d compete in the already competitive cookie industry; I felt like an imposter. After a while, I decided to go forward with the business without any regrets. I had nothing to lose and figured I should take the plunge!”

For many years, Wahler spent most of her time perfecting her cookie recipe and expanding the product line for her inner circle. With plenty of extra allotted time for reflection this year, Wahler thought she could use Instagram as a platform to promote her goodies, as well as her interest in baking. After a long labour of love and hundreds of cookie recipes, she created an outstanding product that packs a delicious punch with every bite.

Though Wahler has been baking exceptional classics (like her chocolate chunk cookie with high-end chocolate and loaded with large chunks throughout), the eclectic Bite Me Cookie menu has a little special something for everyone. She even has a line of bite-sized cookies, with flavours rotating weekly!