The fascinating world of immune systems, viruses, and vaccines which EVERY woke medical person knows … but lies about.


Our own wonderful Doctor de Vaca submitted this a few days ago. Actually he submitted just a few paragraphs. I think he did that because he’s a nice guy and didn’t want to burden anyone with a very long article (17.000 words), or offend them.

Well, I’m not a nice guy, could care less about your burdens, and truly don’t give a Rat’s Ass about who I offend.

I also think this is one of the very very best articles about Covid, the history of vaccines, what they can and can’t do … and the total freaking fraud being perpetrated upon us by people who absolutely positively know the Truth … but Lie, Lie, Lie every single day, with each new lie being bigger and nastier than the one before.

I also know that many people just don’t click on links (apparently, it is a very difficult task). This is such a damned good article that it’s now all here, in one spot for you lazy boneheads. No excuses! It’s a must read. Plus, it should be a bit easier to find and reference in the future. Read this … and next time you discuss Covid, vaxxes, etc. with a loved one (or, an Asshole), and you WILL be the smartest person in the room.