Toronto Book Expo 2020: How to Apply to Become a Vendor


The Toronto Book Expo celebrates intellectual innovation of all forms. The 2020 multicultural celebration previously sent out a call for more vendors as they expand their resources to further diversify the event. But how do you apply for vendor status?

The non-profit Expo will be held for three uninhibited yet non-consecutive days of multicultural merry-making. Hundreds of vendors are already expected to make an appearance. Despite that, the Expo’s organizers are still accepting applications for interested vendors.

The Expo is extending its resources to cater not only authors and publishers but artists, innovative entrepreneurs and food vendors as well.  Non-profit organizations, as well as multi-store front retailers, are allowed to apply as well.

The application process is relatively straightforward and can be done all on the Toronto Book Expo website. Applicants will be tasked to fill up a form and select the type of booth/table they would need at the Expo. Rates, dates and venues are also specified on the table for maximum convenience.

The Expo is set to be held across three uninhibited yet non-consecutive days of literary merry-making. The Expo will be held on March 19 and 21 with the third date unspecified.

The Toronto Book Expo is a truly revolutionary literary event that highlights the vitality of the community. Vendors and visitors will find themselves immersed in the perfect day celebrating diversity of all kinds.

The Expo itself is diverse in all forms. Despite its “literary expo” status, the exhibitors have expanded their resources to cater to all kinds of intellectual creativity.

For example, artists and up-starting innovative entrepreneurs have been welcomed into the expo alongside traditional food vendors. The expo’s organizers believe that it is incredibly important to feature a variety of vendors to further showcase the value of literature and literacy in the community.

The Expo’s main goal is to bring adult and adolescent illiteracy into the forefront of the conversation. Unbeknownst to most, an alarmingly high percentage of the community’s adults and teens are illiterate. This is an increasingly relative issue when you think about the effect this could have on society.

It is a well-known fact that a person’s chance of success in life is greatly increased by literacy. Being literate simply increases a person’s chances of getting hired or pursuing their passion. Even the most basic form of literacy is a necessity. Of course, that does not mean that members of the community who are illiterate are hopeless. There is always an opportunity for learning if only more people knew about and were compassionate toward the issue.

Not only is the Expo tackling issues about illiteracy, but it is also highlighting social issues in society. Books and artwork that highlight issues like gender, racial and cultural equality are highly encouraged.

So if you are a writer, publisher or artist that stands up for equality of all kinds through their work, the Toronto Book Expo is one of the best platforms to get your message across to thousands of potential patrons.

The Expo also aims to inspire attendees to pursue their passion. Agora Publishing will be making a prominent appearance to enlighten aspiring authors about the self-publishing industry.

Despite the industry’s growth in recent years, many aspiring authors are still apprehensive about the success rates of self-published work. Agora aims to assure aspiring authors that the key to success is a truly competent support group for an author.

Most self-published works have never seen a professional editor or cover designer. Thus, the inevitable “flopping” of their work. Books are above all else, intellectual food. You can not expect to grab an intellect’s attention with half-baked work.

One can only expect the presence of Agora Publishing to inspire more aspiring writers to pursue literature.

The Toronto Book Expo presents no lack of opportunity for vendors to reach a wide audience and make a difference in the community. The non-profit Expo is expecting passionate writers, publishers, artists, entrepreneurs and food vendors from all over the world to participate and support their goal for diversity and the banishment of illiteracy. Several vendor slots are still open for interested applicants.

If you or someone you know is interested in opening brand new opportunities for their business this 2020, the Toronto Book Expo is the first step toward reaching your goals.