Toronto's New Fairytale Escape Room Is So Pretty You Actually Won't Want To Leave


It’s no secret that escape rooms are popular. They can be an incredibly fun way to kill an afternoon with the squad, and there's certainly no shortage of them in the 6ix. But if you're looking for a new Toronto escape room to explore, we’ve found one that’s so pretty you won’t ever want to break free. 

Daydream Adventures is the city's newest and most unique escape room and honestly, it feels like some kind of real-life fairytale.

And that was kind of the point, according to co-owner Katelynn Trotter.

“We wanted our space to feel like you are travelling into another world without feeling like you're walking into a sci-fi movie. Our halls, bathrooms, lobby, and the Dream Portal itself are art installations,” Trotter tells Narcity.

Trotter, along with her business partner Audrey and a team of local artists, transformed an old workshop full of power tools and sawdust into something truly enchanting.

“Our escape room is 100% handmade by local artists (and us, of course). All of the props and set are handmade; objects that were pre-existing also received a touch of our magic to make them into a piece of art.

"As far as we know, no other escape room is like this. There are definitely none in Toronto!” Trotter explains.

So, even as far as this popular hobby goes, this sounds like a pretty neat and different experience.

The company opened its first room “Dream Portal” on December 1, and as Trotter tells Narcity, it’s a narrative-driven adventure.

“The hallway into the game is a portal itself. Enter the Dream Portal and you will find yourself in what looks to be a fairytale forest, complete with an evil witch. If you listen to the forest, you will hear from the souls that are trapped there.”

That is the first of more rooms to come, and offers a series of challenges that will speak to a wide skill set, Trotter explains.

"The game is designed to have different types of challenges. This creates an opportunity for all team members to share their unique problem-solving skills.”