'Scared for future:' Shop owner shaken after 3rd break-in at Unionville shop


Bowen Tong and his wife are stressed — he’s worried about family and staff at his shop, while she’s unable to sleep at night.

This after their business, the Dairy Queen on Unionville Main Street, suffered its third break-in in the past two weeks.

Tong is baffled as to why his business has repeatedly been targeted, twice with broken windows and once with a robbery in which the suspect didn’t pull out a gun, but threatened them with one.

“The pandemic has hit us very hard,” he told yorkregion.com Sept. 15, hours after the break-in. “Now this has left us stressed and scared for the future of our business.”

The Dairy Queen, at 188 Main Street, was not the only shop broken into early this morning at around 6:46 a.m.

The Silver Lilac Jewellery shop, at 209 Main St., and the Pharmalinx Guardian, at 178 Main St., also suffered break-and-enters early this morning, say York Regional Police.

Tong says the combination of stolen cash, lock changes, surveillance cameras and broken windows is threatening his business.

“The whole family depends on this business, without it how can we survive?” he added. “My wife is having trouble sleeping at night, it’s hard to control your emotions at times like these. I hope the police catch them, it’s the same group of people 100 per cent.”

Tong said he believes a suspect was caught this time by police as well as the previous time, on Aug. 31 when patrons of the Unionville Arms chased a suspect down and held him until police arrived.

There were also similar incidents the day before on Aug. 30.